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For two decades, Fencing Farnborough has been your go-to for impeccable fence installation and repairs in Farnborough and surrounding areas.

Protect your property with our expert residential and commercial fencing services.

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Fencing Farnborough

Our Fencing Services

Protect your property with our expert residential and commercial fencing services.


Domestic Fencing

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We install all types of domestic fencing and garden gates anywhere in Farnborough, Hampshire, Surrey and more! We take pride in our domestic fencing so all of our work is done to the highest standard. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed due to our professional friendly staff who will be sure to provide an excellent service.

Agricultural Fencing


We install all types of agricultural fencing at many local locations, including all types of post and rail fencing, stock fencing, chicken/ rabbit wire fencing, electric fencing and more, there is no challenge fencing can bring that our handpicked professional fencing contractors cannot handle.

Commercial Fencing

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We specialise in installing timber and steel fencing for commercial and security sites across Farnborough, Camberley, Surrey, Hampshire, and beyond. Our dedicated team ensures top-notch quality, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed through our professional and friendly service.

Dedicated To Quality Craftsmanship
Why Choose Fencing Farnborough? 💡

Expert Craftsmanship:

Elevate expectations with our seasoned professionals. From intricate designs to durable installations, our craftsmanship ensures a lasting impression on every facet of your fencing project.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Choose satisfaction. Our dedicated team prioritizes your needs, offering personalized solutions, transparent communication, and reliable support throughout the process.

Proven Track Record:

Trust our history of successful projects. Explore our portfolio showcasing a consistent record of excellence, providing you with confidence in choosing our fencing services.

Fencing Farnborough
Why Fencing Matters🛡️

As a homeowner, safeguard your property with quality fencing. Fencing Farnborough tackles the core issues:

  • Security and Safety Assurance: Prioritise your safety and protect your property. Discover how fencing serves as a vital barrier, ensuring security and peace of mind.
  • Enhanced Privacy Solutions: Unwind in your personal space without prying eyes. Explore how fencing creates a private sanctuary, shielding you from unwanted intrusion.
  • Aesthetic Appeal and Property Value: Elevate your property’s curb appeal. Learn how fencing enhances the overall aesthetics and contributes to the value of your home or business.
  • Boundary Definition and Landscaping Harmony: Clearly define your space and harmonise with the surroundings. Explore how fencing contributes to a well-defined boundary and integrates seamlessly with landscaping.
  • Environmental and Noise Control: Experience a quieter, more serene environment. Discover how fencing can act as a barrier against noise pollution and contribute to a greener, more sustainable setting.
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Our Fencing Process🛠️

Fence with Confidence: Our Simple and Effective Fencing Process for Quality and Efficiency

Materials will be delivered to site and stacked in a convenient area. The proposed fence line will be cleared and the old fencing removed if required. We will always try to cause minimum disturbance to your garden.

All fence posts, timber or concrete will be set into the ground using strong concrete. For 6ft fencing posts will be set at least 2ft into the ground.

Fence of choice will be erected using top quality materials, which are pre-treated and come in natural or dark brown by our handpicked fencing professionals.

Upon completion site will be left clean and tidy and all rubbish removed. We can offer various fencing solutions in the areas of  Bracknell, Berkshire, Guildford, Farnham, Farnborough, Camberley, Reading, Basingstoke and more.

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Explore our FAQ section for quick and insightful answers to your most pressing questions about Fencing Farnborough's top-notch fencing services.

We only use the highest quality fencing materials on fence installation. These materials are provided from a well known fencing material business who specialises in the supply fence posts, gravel boards, wooden fence panels and competitive prices, hence our reasoning for using them. With these high quality fencing goods we can provide an efficient, excellent job for your business or property whether we are fitting in a brand new fence/ gates or replacing an old fence/ gates.

We are a family run fencing and landscaping company based in Farnborough, Hampshire who specialise in a range of fencing services from the erect of a security fence for a commercial site to the installation of a wooden domestic fence in residential areas. We are happy to provide our services to anyone within 30 miles of Farnborough, if you are within those requirements please get in touch preferably through a phone call as this is the quickest way to get a good idea of the job and the services you want doing. Please view our review from happy previous customers who experienced the workmanship of our business themselves.

Our fencing contractors are the best in the industry when it comes to installing new fencing and have been serving the Farnborough / Surrey area for many years. We have an outstanding track record of installing the highest quality fencing solutions and have served hundreds of happy customers over the years, replacing old worn-out fences, or replacing hedging and vegetation with a new fence instead, and there is no challenge fencing can bring that is too hard for our suitable hardworking fencing professionals. Our sturdy fence installation process will ensure that your fencing remains intact for many years to come, and we go out of way make sure each installation projects is carried out to the very highest standard. We only use the best fencing material as well, which means that not only will your fence be strong and sturdy, but it will also look great and bring out the best in your garden and surrounding areas.

We understand that you’re searching for a reliable, quality fencing contractor in Farnborough, and we believe our team are the perfect solution.

 We have been delivering high standard fencing services for a number of years and have a dedicated team of experienced fencing professionals. We believe that not only does our workmanship stand out from our competitors, but our customer service sets us apart as well.

 When you request a quote from us, you’ll find that we are happy to provide you with our best price in a timely manner, as we understand that more often than not, fencing requirements may be time sensitive. This means no waiting around for contractors to get back to you or waiting around for them to call you back.

 If we miss your call for any reason, we’ll give you a call back as soon as we are free to do so, and if we’re not able to provide you with a quotation over the phone, then we’ll be happy to visit your property in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and surrounding areas to provide an assessment for you.

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